Pan (2015)


Eeeeeeehhhhhh…..overall, it was okay. It had a special-effects-glaze, I like to say, which most of the time in a lot of well-budgeted films, can weaken the story greatly. In this case for me, it didn’t so much weaken so much as the dialogue and most of the characters did. ALLL of Hook annoyed me to shreds. Blackbeard was pretty decent in his serious moments but his introduction scene weird-ed me out, Smells Like Teen Spirit didn’t fit at all. The Neverbirds were odd, I didn’t see how Hook, Smee, and Peter could be afraid of them in the beginning. Tiger Lily was very emotionless and I hated the forced attraction between her and Hook. Levi Miller was a wonderful Peter Pan. I’m excited to see him in more films to come. I actually preferred Peter’s backstory here than in the original, it better explained how he can understand Tinker Bell and can fly without needing pixie dust but other (normal) children do when they want to fly to Neverland. I would’ve rather seen the Blackbeard-Peter’s Mother-Fairy Prince-War backstory as a prequel than this. The Fairy Kingdom was beautiful, I loved when the fairy warriors were behind Peter during the final battle, that is my favorite shot of the movie:

But also… few original plot holes….unless they’re making another movie…(checks) :/ So with a good, two handed Captain “Hook” and the “We’ll always be friends, Hook. Won’t we? – Always. What could possibly go wrong?” this is the happy-ending-for-little-kids-version?? Why doesn’t they ever do that with Romeo & Juliet for once?! (and no, do not mention to me about Gnomeo & Juliet, they’re gnomes. It doesn’t count.)

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