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A Madam’s Monday {1}

Creator: endmion1 (via grafolio.com)

Ladies, listen up! Cover star of The Activist Issue and trailblazer of Generation Z, Natalie Westling is here to teach you how to behave in polite society, because a woman should ALWAYS know her place. From how to dress while in public to what time supper should be on the table, this is what every girl should know if she wants to catch a beau. Mind your manners, and remember; individuality is not an excuse for eccentricity!”

My Thoughts:

If this was a complete satire of the outdated womenly customs or just this one girl’s interpretation of the absurdity of the 1950s, this would be a good video, but that’s not what it’s meant to be. It’s meant to influence young women to be confident and “a badass” when really, it comes off as pretentious and repugnant which can also be confusing. Most of the reinterpretation is fine but these are just little nitpicks that I felt the need to analyze and share. Let’s break it down, shall we?

~Chapter 1~

Polish your silver & gold, learn how to tie a perfect bow, learn how to sew, remember – always wear a hat and glove in public.”

Not much to criticize here, it starts off strong, the tips listed are charmingly updated, I love her sewing patches on her jacket. Sewing is a useful skill to have, to patch up clothes or even your own limbs.

~Chapter 2~

A lady always has something in the oven, make sure your china matches, and girls, always make sure your man is well-fed.”

The skateboard bit was cute but cooking is something everyone has to do at some point, now that eating out is so expensive, and the cat was adorable too.
{Yes, it sounds like I’m taking this too seriously but that’s how I do, especially if you’re trying to teach young kids.}

~Chapter 3~
Courtship & Manners

“Let men do the chasing…a woman always lets a man open the door for her, look fresh upon arriving, you should always look your best, be a good listener, remember your table manners, when choosing a mate – pick someone you can share everything with – what is yours is theirs too, a lady always remembers to cross her legs in public…”

Here’s the part where it gets good! After waiting for you to sew on your riot patches and feed your cat, your two fellow skater friends are like all like “Hey, you ready to go?” and you ignore them, don’t even look up to acknowledge them, of course, they’re like WTF?

Now that’s an example of bad manners, sure the gesture to a large extent happens when a man holds open the door for a girl but I’ve never heard any woman complain. That’s just common courtesy, you should at least thank him. (Also some bad blocking there, is that guy really the doorman? I wonder how long he’s been holding that door open for.)

Although, in that crowded of a booth, I’d do something similar, just not as conspicuously, so… debatable.

Why use your fists, then a napkin? That just looks odd.

…but the way you’re doing it is sure to get you kicked out of that diner.
(And no, the gif isn’t glitching, that is how it’s edited)

~In conclusion~
A woman always knows her place…

Right then…Grandiloquent this video is.

I understand what they’re trying to do but it’s executed more oxymoronic than empowering. Feminism does not equate to entitlement or give you the right to be a jerk for the sake of “being edgy.” It started out well enough but then got its messages mixed up with the script and the direction. It looks forced and over the top. It’s fun to be an empowering female but you should aspire to be a well-mannered human being first.

What do you think? Do you disagree with my anaylsis? Drop a comment below and let’s have a chat!

~Women of the Week~

“Where flowers bloom, so does hope.”

Claudia “Lady Bird” Johnson, wife to 36th President of the USA Lyndon Johnson, was a prominent political force of the 1960s. Running Lyndon’s congressional office when he enlisted in the Navy during World War II, and a whirlwind businesswoman, becoming a millionaire in her own right long before her husband took to office. In the sorrow of the Kennedy assassination and her husband having to be abruptly sworn into the White House, Lady Bird took to starting a “beautification” project, to inspire hope and happiness with wildflowers, planting almost 2 million daffodils, tulips, and 25,000 trees around public buildings, rural areas, national park conservation, among others.

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