👻 Liesl & Po by Lauren Oliver

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From the author of the Delirium series and Before I Fall comes a very beautiful, lovingly whimsical, and most importantly, ineffable tale to read. Finding out how each strand of a character’s story get weaved together and connecting all the way to The End was magical. We follow a lot of different characters over the course of this journey but mostly Liesl, her only ghost of a friend, Po with his pet Bundle, who may or may not have been a cat or dog in his past life, and Will, an alchemist’s apprentice. After Will mistakenly switches a box containing the most powerful magic in the world, he sets off a wild chain of events involving a warm-hearted guard with a name as slow as molasses, the very materialistic Lady Premiere, and the greedy Alchemist, whose hunger for glory. Dotted with penciled illustrations and Jim Dale’s voice will never fail in giving you some Harry Potter nostalgia.

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