🗄️ The Illuminae Files by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

Book 1: Illuminae Available on Overdrive: Ebook | Audiobook
Book 2: Gemina
Available on Overdrive: Ebook | Audiobook
Book 3: Obsidio
Available on Overdrive: Ebook | Audiobook

Kady and Ezra broke up, then their planet is invaded. Forced to fleet inside the Kerenza IV into space hosted by quite a cynical AI named Aiden, they are forced to work together in finding out the truth. Meanwhile, a deadly mutative plague is spreading and everyone else in charge is keeping secrets. Lightyears ahead in originality and creativity, these books are binded and bursting with interviews, warship blueprints, military files, schematics, emails, hacked documents and the audiobook is no B1 battle droid in the slightest, featuring a full cast of over 23 characters with sounds effects and music! Unique story-telling techniques and courageous characters abound, you’ll enjoy this trilogy to infinity and beyond!

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