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Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-Thon: Wrap Up

My first readathon yay! 😀

All info about the read-a-thon can be found here.

There isn’t a TBR post for this readathon because I wasn’t sure how much I would read, I’m just going off what I have check out at the library currently. It was graphic novels galore and I can get through them pretty quickly. I live-tweeted a bunch on Twitter for this one.

So here’s what I read:


Chi is adorable as ever, so many sweet tales discovering the new apartment and other fun animal friends!


Wonderful and quick read about the endurance of three determined women in their respected fields. I know of Jane Goodall’s work but was more familiar with Dian Fossey from seeing Michael Apted’s Gorillas in the Mist (1988) and didn’t know anything about Birute Galdikas. With such a short book and not knowing much information about them previously, the story did feel a little rushed in terms of each one’s timeline but they were intertwined well enough. I didn’t know they had all met each other. I would’ve liked more facts about each of their journeys but having read the afterword, that wasn’t the intent and there are plenty of references to books and other media on each woman.


Ehh…didn’t really like the art style and while it is a good tale of growing up and all that drama, it was too complicated and I just didn’t really care about any of the characters. Not a fan.

Th3rd World Studios Presents: Finding Gossamyr, Volume 1

An exciting, unique world and characters brought to life by fantastical and glossy artwork, can’t wait for the next volume!


These are such fun reads! I love all the spacious twists and turns! The only thing to dislike about these is that they’re tragically too short!

Ninja-Rella: I’m partial to a great Cinderella story (or beauty and the beast) and this one joins the top shoe shelf as one of the most fun retellings!

Red Riding Hood, Superhero: Yes, I do want to read the next adventure of Red Riding Hood, superhero! Please?

Super Billy Goats Gruff: I will take 5 of those face-huggers, please. SOMEONE MAKE THE PLUSHIES!

Snow White and the Seven Robots: A retelling as sweet as apples! All the robots are adorable and I like that Snow’s love interest was a dear friend instead of a prince for a change.

Hansel & Gretal & Zombies: What a zany twist on this tale, everybody ends up alive and happy! Yay 😀


Sailor Moon meets Steven Universe sans fusion. The art is beautiful as ever but there’s barely any character development in such a short number of pages – and it is achievable if you take the time to work in some subtlety with whatever situation your characters are put into – so it’s a bit of a drawback in that aspect. Fun but could’ve been better.


Vol. 1 | Vol. 2

Genderbent Lumberjanes, basically and it’s fantastic! The neon lighting with the incredible artwork and character expression is top notch from James Tynion IV and Cartoon Network/Dreamwork’s cartoonist Rian Sygh.

Just look at this:

~As always, stay positive and visit your local library~

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