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Runtime: Sun. May 6th – Sat. May 12th

Host: Tiny Book Dragon
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I discovered this readathon from a fellow Hufflepuff, littlebookowl’s readathon calender. Disney films are a big love in my life, Beauty and the Beast being my all-time favorite. It started my admiration for all things animated and hasn’t stopped since. With two readathons this week, Disney will be my main focus, I’m most excited for the last one where I get to watch Disney’s original Cinderella once again! I never understood the disregard for Cinderella’s “lack of empowerment” in her tale, she is always kind and level-headed no matter what situation she’s put in, to keep it short. (That’s a tangent for another Thursday) I would love for my daughter to learn from a wonderfully caring iconic princess. Plus she was Walt Disney himself’s favorite princess. Anyway, I’m getting off track, on to the challenges!

1. Frozen – Read a book that’s set during winter

Speaking of Beauty and the Beast, I had a lot of difficulties picking for this category after realizing my first pick (Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi) was the second book in the trilogy. The Beast’s castle is stuck in eternal winter due to the curse so I’m counting it! Hunted is a standalone retelling of Beauty and the Beast where the Beauty (named Yeva) is the daughter of an obsessive and ruthless hunter, after moving to the outskirts and her father goes missing, she has to hunt the beast….and I hope they still fall in love because I’m a sap! But it still sounds brash and violent in an intriguing and different direction than I’ve ever read. With this snowy cover and hopefully picturesque forest descriptions, I’m sure Elsa would approve.

2. Dory – Read a book you forgot you owned

I’m technically cheating on this one because I have a small book collection so I know of every book that I own. So this pick is because I own the book and the audiobook – and have never read and I’ve owned it for a while. Involving a princess Dizzy, a soldier named Tips, the orphan Fortitude, and a cat, they all live in the kingdom of Montagne. In order for each of them to achieve their dreams, they’ll have to begrudgingly work together as well as save the kingdom from destruction. I’m guessing this is going to be a really fun fantasy adventure full of comedic moments (like Once Upon a Mattress or The Princess Bride) and Dory loves comedy!

3. Aurora’s Dress – Read a book with pink and blue on the cover

With so many books to read in one week, I’m glad I only have access to this in audio, I can multi-task. The year is 2090 and World War III had struck, leaving England a barren land. Forced to join the rebellion in disguise, Princess Eliza Windsor must protect her family at all costs from the insurgent Cornelius Hollister. Not much else to say, I’m intrigued, it’s my first time hearing on this book from searching for the appropriate cover and it has a sequel, I hope it’s not a total disaster and her dress is colored well.

4. Huey, Dewey, and Louie – read a book that’s apart of a trilogy

Book I: Matched
Book II: Crossed
Book III: Reached

😈 Admittedly, I am feeling quite snarky for thinking of this trilogy for this challenge, although I’m probably not the only one. They just match so perfectly, how can you not think of this series?! This series is popular enough but in case some of you don’t know, in this universe, the Society dictates. When you die, where you work, and who you love. We follow Cassia, when being evaluated, her choice of partner is revealed to be two men – one who she’s known forever and a dangerous stranger – so it’s up to her to decide, classic love triangle, etc etc. With this series being so well received, I’m interested to know how the relationship(s) is written. I’m not a huge fan of love triangles, because – from the ones I’ve read – I always favor the best friend type more than the rebel who’s always cocky and thinks he’s so clever and suave and emotionally manipulative towards the girl until she discovers his softer side and empathizes with his behavior It’s extremely irksome to me! I don’t care, you shouldn’t treat someone that way if you want to be with them, it’s not going to work out well. And I understand that sometimes they can change but if that doesn’t happen until the very end (like a light switch) and all that’s evident of their relationship during the course of the story is arguments and more sex than communication, I’m not going to route for them to be endgame. (#StelenaForever)
Sorry for the tangent there guys, I’m still extremely miffed about TVD’s ending.

5. Cinderella – Read the original fairytale (by Brothers Grimm) and watch the Disney animated film

For this one, I’m going to pick up The Annotated Brothers Grimm collection from my library, as well as a DVD of Cinderella since I only own a VHS copy. 😭 Maybe I’ll do a film review on it, we’ll see.

Runtime: Mon. May 7th – Sun. May 13th

Host(s): BooksandLala & Dylanthereader5

Not to be repetitive but once again, littlebookowl had uploaded her TBR for May and included a readathon that wasn’t listed on her calendar so I picked just a couple since I had already prepped mostly for the Disney readathon this week. I’m hoping to at least start reading one of these by the last day, but whatever happens, happens. 🙂

My Choices: 

I was searching around some Goodreads lists for girl-titled books and this one captured my eye, I love the dark pinks coming from the sunrise (or sunset) on the cover. The plot is a crowned prince and his betrothed end up in modern day L.A. through a magic portal (Gotta love thinking with portals!) conjured by an evil traitor named Malquin. In trying to find a way home, they met Liv, an aspiring filmmaker who comes to realize she may be more connected to their world than her own….Duh duh duh!

I’ve been wanting to pick this one up for a while now, the length of the title alone was enough to hook me, and now I have an excuse to stop putting it off! I won’t give away the plot for this one because 1. the title seemed to be enough and 2. I want to go into this blind…and 3. I’m really tired of writing so much today!

So that is my TBR for the week, probably won’t get to read all of them, but it’s nice to have goals.

What are you reading this week?

~As always, stay positive and visit your local library~

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