MLP Season 8 Ratings

Premiere: Episode 1&2 – School Daze {8/10}Review here

Episode 3 – The Maud Couple {7/10}

Episode 4 – Fake It Til You Make It {5/10}

Episode 5 – Grannies Gone Wild {6/10}

Episode 6 – Surf and/or Turf {9/10}

Episode 7 – Horse Play {5/10}I agree with @LittleshyFiM’s thoughts on it… It was okay, no really anything rememberable and that is a bit of an annoyance, to put it lightly, with new writers that come. They have to backpedal with our ponies.

Episode 8 – The Parent Map {7/10}It was sweet seeing Sunburst’s mom and Starlight’s dad and we have another lesson on what kind of relationship you want with your parents. Preservation vs Development as a parallel was interesting. but it felt a little rushed throughout.

Episode 9 – Non-Compete Clause {3/10}AJ and RD weren’t their best selves this episode, and it was really backward how the student 6 learned their teamwork lesson at the expense of them. They were annoyed with each other throughout the whole episode and so was I.

That explains it, Kim Beyer-Johnson. New writer this season = more character regression. 🙄🤨😒😒

Episode 10 – The Break Up Breakdown {10/10} Personally, I adore a good rom-com. 

Episode 11 – The Molt Down {10/10}SPIKE FINALLY GOT HIS WINGS!!!!! 

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