MLP Season 8 Ratings

Premiere: Episode 1&2 – School Daze {8/10}Review here

Episode 3 – The Maud Couple {7/10}

Episode 4 – Fake It Til You Make It {5/10}

Episode 5 – Grannies Gone Wild {6/10}

Episode 6 – Surf and/or Turf {9/10}

Episode 7 – Horse Play {5/10}I agree with @LittleshyFiM’s thoughts on it… It was okay, no really anything rememberable and that is a bit of an annoyance, to put it lightly, with new writers that come. They have to backpedal with our ponies. But Nicole Oliver’s “bad” acting made for some fun moments.

Episode 8 – The Parent Map {7/10}It was sweet seeing Sunburst’s mom and Starlight’s dad and we have another lesson on what kind of relationship you want with your parents. Preservation vs Development as a parallel was interesting. but it felt a little rushed throughout.

Episode 9 – Non-Compete Clause {3/10}AJ and RD weren’t their best selves this episode, and it was really backwards how the student 6 learned their teamwork lesson at the expense of them. They were annoyed with each other throughout the whole episode and so was I.

That explains it, Kim Beyer-Johnson. New writer this season = more character regression. ????

Episode 10 – The Break Up Breakdown {10/10} Personally, I adore a good rom-com. 

Episode 11 – The Molt Down {10/10}SPIKE FINALLY GOT HIS WINGS!!!!! 

Episode 12 – Marks for Effort {4/10}This one felt…oddly paced. or rushed. I just don’t know…I know it wasn’t a very strong CMC episode in my opinion. It tried to answer a question that was never really asked and then tried to fill it into an entire episode rather than just a passing remark. Also, Cozy Glow seemed like she got a rewrite halfway through in the writer’s room.

Mid-Season Finale: Episode 13 – The Mean Six {7/10}The ending really threw me off, the music was too overly cheery like it was ending a normal episode, soo weird. Even with Chys flying off in the background…anyone else feel that was a weird choice of tone? Like what just happened? This is why I don’t like mid-season finales, it’s like ending the last movie as a two-parter. Sometimes it works, here it doesn’t. They just seemed to throw something together because all shows have mid-seasonal finales-now and they needed one but for the rest of the season. I’m just going to be thinking about what just happened here? This would’ve been an interesting seasonal finale but with it in the middle, it sticks out too much…are we going to suddenly go back to cute slice-of-life episodes after this than have it come back? It was really fun sure but it’s just so weird as well. Whether or not the tree absorbed the disharmony 6 (which is what I thought it did) or just straight up popped them like pony popsicles, I don’t know how to feel about this episode :/

Episode 14 – A Matter of Principals {4/10} – Ehhhh, we have another weird one, I was worried about these new writers..Discord was just so random & had his usual deviousness but with a mean streak..Good lesson for Starlight to learn and change her mindset to pick up on his hints of feeling left out but I still feel there was hardly a resolution and it felt like this episode just went way too fast.

Episode 15 – The Hearth’s Warming Club {7/10}Gallus’ story wins the episode, that was really sweet 🙂 Nice to spend it with the Student 6!

Episode 16 – Friendship University {4/10}*shrug* Average episode, great to see Starswirl again and Flim and Flam are still doin’ their thing. Nothing all that special of an episode though.

Episode 17 – The End in Friend {4/10}Fun little episode, not much else. Opposites attract in friends as well and it can sometimes be interesting and a little grinding when you buttheads about something but they’re just spats, friendship is forever!

Episode 18 – Yakity-Sax {4/10}Not all that fun to see Pinkie so depressed about a single instrument…sure, it could be because she loves the yak culture so much but I thought maybe then she would have a talk with Yona and form a stronger friendship with her as a result. You have a young and proud yak living with you in Ponyville, why not use her?