Star vs the Forces of Evil: Season 3, Episode 17 – Is Another Mystery/Marco Jr.

Creator: Daren Nefcy | Director: Brett Varon

Title prediction: no idea but its mysterious.

Basically: Buff-frog goes missing.

Dang, this one got surprisingly sad. While for what the subject of this episode was, Tom was a good choice to go with star cause he does have an understanding of their hardships, unlike Marco but I still wish he went along. Tom still has some of his temperamental issues, which I’m thinking is what’s going to break them up again. Considering Tom kept asking if he did things better than Marco if he was a better partner-in-crime/boyfriend for tar, he is low-key jealous and I hope he doesn’t let that get to him too much. I hope they break it off mutually like Marco and Jackie did, cause I love Tom as a character and just more of a friend to Star. Also, Tom saying if he and star can make it work, him being a monster and her being a mewman, really stuck out to me, I’m curious if that’s going to come back around if they start having problems again and if star is going to feel obligated to stay with him since that’s what her goal as a princess and as a ruler is. Sad to see Buff-frog and Katrina and the other buff babies go but hopefully they’ll come back soon!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Creator: Daren Nefcy | Director: Brett Varon

Title prediction: Alright, I can’t remember if one of the laser-eye puppies is called macro jr or not but then I saw the thumbnail for this episode and it’s something TOTALLY different than what I was thinking so…here we go.

Basically: There’s a baby shower…

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Baby boy in fact! My gosh, this episode was fun! AND WE HAVE A BABY COMING! 😀 Together, this was a great episode, they were excellent parallels to each other in relation to our main characters. Episode A was about how well Macro knows Star (more indirectly through comparison of how Tom interacts with her but still) and how she can get when she worries, not that Tom did horribly, but Macro definitely would’ve helped investigate more alongside star. Tom, for the most part, looked bored through most of it and was focused on distracting her from all political side of their lives and just hang out with Star more than help her. Because that’s what he likes to do but he doesn’t understand that she has a bigger responsibility on her shoulders on her journey to becoming Queen that she can’t just ignore.  Episode B was more direct with showcasing how well Star knows Macro with a literal test but it was a fun one! With some wonderful story development, Angie is pregnant with a little boy, that’s so exciting! I really missed earth and I hope we get more episodes of macro visiting.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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