The Markiplier Timeline

Hi! Welcome! Let’s just go and press play for a little backstory: Markiplier is Mark Fishbach, primarily a gamer on Youtube but he’s also done sketch comedy and over the years crafted an intriguing narrative involving alter-egos & an overarching story/theme of his channel in general. He does charity live streams every month, and never fails to thank his community for supporting him – since the very beginning, he’s the most humble person I had ever “met” back in May of 2018. I wish I had known about him at the start but I’m glad to be here now. ? I’ve never seen anyone craft a timeline of everyone: Darkiplier, Warfstache, Googlplier, Santaplier, The Host, Dr. Iplier, etc. After seeing some people commenting on his videos wondering if there is a set timeline somewhere, I thought – Why not? I’ll make one and it’s truly been one of my happiest months. 

I’ve always wanted to write more and I had just finished the menu layout and plan for my own fictional narrative of my website when the Markimoo-Mask got a hold of me and won’t come off until I finished this timeline. I will wholeheartedly say Mark is the more inspiring person ever, this was the only thing on my mind for weeks and it was a blast compiling but also I had realized creating my own character to fit into the mixer. Even if you don’t care about “my character”, it’s still a fairly detailed timeline, so I hope you enjoy it either way! This is my gift to a community of beautiful heroes, hype monsters, & the muscular man himself, that I’m so happy to be apart of. I can’t wait for Heist! Thank you for reading!

If you have any questions or think I missed anything, please leave a comment, let me know over on Twitter or come find me in the Manor, I’m usually out on the patio or in the basement, of course. This is a page and will be updated as more content comes out so just check back here if you’re interested. ?

If Mark ever finds this: Hi there, I hope you’re having a happy day! Please give Chica & Henry a pet for me. There’s a letter for you after “Who Am I?” from May 2017 if you’d like to skip and read that first. I feel like everything I’ve wanted to tell you is there, I don’t want to keep repeating myself but just the same: Thank you for being you. I hope you like the timeline! I hope Amy, Ethan & Mika, Tyler, Bob & Mandy, Wade & Molly, & Momiplier are doing alright too! 

The Markiplier Egos Timeline


      • Jun. 19, 2012: Don’t blink
        Don’t turn around…
        or Darkiplier will find you.

      • Jul. 4, 2012: Don’t move
        Darkiplier wants control.
      • Oct. 14, 2012: The Livestream has ENDED!
        Darkiplier wants to help you.
      • Oct 31, 2012: October of Terror Ends!
        Darkiplier wants to warn you…
      • Nov. 9, 2012: The Fall of Slender Man
        Markiplier_OG has died (hit by a bus) and Warfstatche is in control now…
      • Dec. 1, 2012: Might as well be DEAD
        It looks like Darkiplier and Warfstatche have decided to team up…
      • Jan. 23, 2013: King of the Squirrels
        Mark 2.0 is a bit of an oddball…but we still love him!
      • Feb. 6, 2013: Danger in Fiction [feat. Markiplier]
        Hmm, the struggles of a writer has never rang more sweetly to thy soul.
      • May 22, 2013: 400000 Subscribers | YOU MADE THIS HAPPEN!
        Mark 2.0 has disappeared with Warfstatche still on control.
      • May 29, 2013: World’s Hardest Game
        “Damn it! My first death!
        Damn it! My second death!
        Damn it! My third death!”
        Confirmed: This is Mark 3.0

      • Jun. 12, 2013: The Warfstache Affair
        Wilford certainly has a thing for married women, doesn’t he? Can’t seem to control his guns…but I’m sure it was an accident!
      • Jul. 16, 2013: 600000 Subscribers!!
        At 600K, we lost Mark 3.0 to the long-awaited bomb-by-mail & Warfstatche isn’t the best at hiding from his murder-affair crime.
      • Jul. 23, 2013: Error #53
        Poor Mark 4.0…he was too naive…
      • Mr. Kitty Saves The World
        All it took was a kitty trying to save the world, and Dark is back in control now…

      • Jul. 28, 2013 Raspy Hill
        Well it’s about time for a proper introduction, Mr. D
        Thank you, I think we will all have a fun time together…as short as you are though…

      • Aug. 20, 2013: Danger In Fiction | Chapter II
        Farewell to Mark 4.0… he was so young.
        Just the same, good try sweetie…but I think a revision is in order.

      • Oct. 16, 2013: Warfstache Plays: Slender
        Fearless Wilford takes to journalism & tries to interview the Mr. Slender Man, uncovering his diary detailing his preference of Mark over Mr. Mustache.
      • Oct. 26, 2013: LIVESTREAM OVER! October of Terror!
        I think Darkiplier is angry with you now…
      • Oct. 31, 2013: Are Jumpscares Scary?
        …and has a question for you all to ponder…
      • Oct. 23, 2013:Worst News Doctor
        Dr. Iplier will see you now.
      • Nov. 5, 2013: Cyndago Killed Markiplier
        …I wonder what Mark 5.0 has in storage for us
      • …well alright ?


      • Dec. 15, 2013: Santa’s Rampage
        I thought I put in a work order for Santa NOT to come to town. Ugh ?
      • Dec 18, 2013: Very Organized Santa
        Oh joy to the world, Santa’s back ?


      • Feb. 10, 2014: The Slender Man Song
        Warfstache finally got the chance to punch Mr. Slender Man in the gonads!
      • Feb. 10. 2014: Standoff
        …On to LA with Mark 6.0!
      • May 3, 2014: Best Friends Forever
        Darkiplier is setting into LA nicely and just wants a friend, after what happened last time…I’m sure he’s great once you let him in.


      • Jun. 3, 2014: Super Infidelity
        Looks like Mark made a friend too, GREAT!
      • Aug. 26, 2014: Reaction Time: Think FAST Markiplier!
        Mark 6.0 & The_M_A_R_K_backup_7.exe might be a little bored out of his mind…
      • Meanwhile, Warfstache is on the run and a certain baby’s got back, payback that is.
      • Sep. 6, 2014: Baking Simulator: Markiplier Goes Insane
        Mark 6.0 has expired, M_A_R_K_backup_7.exe is unzipped, & M_A_R_K_backup_8.exe will be on standby…
      • Oct. 31, 2014: Google IN REAL LIFE | ft. Markiplier
        Awwww, Dark made a friend! I don’t think the Google-Glitch you sent him will work out all that well though…
      • ….What’d I just say, Emo-Vampire?
      • Dec. 10, 2014: Hire My Ass
        Bim Trimmer, harmless game show host
        – regardless, noted – for future reference if need be.

      • Mar. 7, 2015: Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Interview
        Wilford Warfstache don’t take shit from nobody, especially kids. Nevertheless, he has returned to uncover the truth behind the Five Nights at Freddy’s phenomenon.
      • Mar. 24, 2015: Ed Edgar Adoptallott’s Baby Bulk Buy
        Well, I wonder if that’s where a certain baby came from…
      • Mar. 26, 2015: King of the Squirrels Returns
        Even though his subjects tried to assassinate him by stuffing too many nuts into his bowels, the King is forever a giving ruler.
      • Apr. 6, 2015: The Way Too Serious Dance
        That is one sexy-vampire mating dance, Darkiplier
      • Sep. 13, 2015: Warfstache Interviews Markiplier
        We’ve lost Mark once again, may he Vanish in peace, and the Stache controls all…now more than ever with his pink-colored madness spreading to his brain.
      • Apr. 1, 2016: Markiplier Warms Up for 5 Minutes
        I wanted to try a new red-code shield pack I ordered to help against Warf’s pink madness and uhh…..I’ll fix it, don’t worry, guys! It’ll be all right! ???
      • Jul. 18, 2016: Believe in Yourself
        Markimotivational_0.9 is my personal favorite Mark. Never stop inspiring us, you raging red-haired goof. ❤️
      • Aug. 8, 2016: MARK TRIED TO BE COOL : /
        Confirmed: The_Mark_8, death by stab wound, and it looks like Mark_9 is trying to hide from someone…?
      • Aug. 10, 2016: i wanna go home… 
        L-ong hours
        A-ll day, release him
        I tried to help but I sense there has been some reprogramming to Mark’s core_vault file.exe. This is by far the most aggressive take over I’ve seen yet, Dark. 
        Trapping Mark forever in that shithole, where he presumably died by beating, forever the victim. You must be getting impatient…
      • Aug. 13, 2016: soon
        Yeah…I don’t think Mark will ever be the same…we gave him too much power…
      • Aug. 13, 2016: relax
        Oooh! I see now Dark! You’re trying to make sure Mark doesn’t forget his past. Markiplier, relaxing? Who is this fool?! He must forever be a tortured soul, that’s how you thrive, isn’t it? He was getting a bit cocky, maybe the rooster hair got to him. Well, don’t worry – we understand you and your mysteriously-emo ways of caring. ? So ecstatic to have you back!
      • Aug. 14, 2016: boat dog
        Mark_10 is forever trapped in the pool by Dark, slave to the almighty Chica, the true ruler of us all.
      • Aug. 21, 2016: Chef Dog
        We have been given the blessed-invitation to the Almighty Chica’s dinner hour!
        Ahh, it’s such a beautiful display of cookery!

      • Aug. 23, 2016: now we’re cooking
        Hmm, Dark might’ve tried to hire a human chef and Chica doesn’t approve. It was a nice 30 seconds with you, Chef Iplier, but if you’ll forgive me – Chica makes the best Chicken Cordon Bleu there is, nice try.
      • Aug. 28, 2016: World’s 2nd Quietest Let’s Play
        Darkiplier has taken over the recording booth in his first Let’s Play! I admire your composer greatly, sir! Happy Wheels ain’t so happy, but it’s wonderful to finally see you giggling instead of…well, it’s a strange relationship we have, the more I think on it.
      • Sep. 7, 2016: R.I.P. ME
        “Sickiplier is the best combination of sass, humor and memory loss I’ve ever experienced lol” – Sammie
      • Sep. 14, 2016: this video is a waste of your time
        Yep, definitely corrupted file. Probably too old, needs a refresh- Dark! No, Tyler is one of the good ones, no possession please! I thought we talked about this, you have control now, you should be happy!
      • Sep. 16, 2016: discipline
        Well…okay, that’s better than possession, we have progress!
      • Sep. 17, 2016: lil bitch
        “Mark.exe has stopped responding”
      • Sep. 27, 2016: World’s 3rd Quietest Let’s Play
        Darkiplier returns for another Let’s Play! He is ever so happy!
      • Oct. 12, 2016: FAKE MARKIPLIER!!
        Ahhh, Mark has decided to upload a video trying to convince you all that he is real and not Number 11 in a series of clones with MAR file chip implants – it won’t work on me but I think the reset might’ve worked, Dark. The red code is still locked but minor details.
      • Nov. 24, 2016: Christmas Can’t Wait
        Dark, I told you, Santa doesn’t need to come all this way, we have replacements for him too. I can’t afford his eggnog addiction, please don’t rob me, just send him back. ?
      • Feb. 14, 2017: A DATE WITH MARKIPLIER
        Awww, Mark, you shouldn’t have! Hmm…I don’t have a red dress but will a dark blue one do?
    • Warning: Mild Spoilers for All Paths
      [1] PAY
      Oh sure hun, we’re at about the 12th-Mark, you’re understandably a little forgetful, it’s okay…umm, I think I have a few bones left on this card…

      [2] ROMANCE
      Hmmm…I’m a sap for a good rom-dram, that’s a quality poster too!
      [3] LEAVE
      I think I’m good for today, don’t wanna spend too much money-ohh, have you Mark? That must be why I paid, I see now! Look dude-but I love orange balloons… ?
      Mark! ? …Y-yeah, I’m suddenly feelin’ a little spaced out.
      Umm… yes?

      [4] YES
      ? …uh-huh… I don’t think we programmed any previous clones to have kids yet but whatdoyouknow? Heh… and definitely some memory loss there, (you used to be so sweet Markimoo, where did We go wrong?) Or was it me? It was the dress, wasn’t it? Wrong color? Yeah…Sure I’ll go again, first time always kinda sucks, right? But first uh, you got a neuralyzer around here?

      [End 1 of 10][5] NO
      Well, you see Mark…if you knew me well enough, you’d know I prefer Ring Pops??? I’m really sorry, wha-you asked my-oh! I’m already in the middle of two hulking brothers so I doubt that but-Dude! That’s just a straight-up invasion of privacy, I thought we at least had trust between us. ? Can we still be friends? It’ll be okay…

      [End 2 of 10]☹️ Aw, I broke his little Let’s Play heart, I feel so bad!

      Can I go again?

      [6] HORROR
      Hello there. Hmm, if that were true, you’d have a different tie, sweetheart.
      But it’s good to know I still picked the right dress for the occasion. ?
      I know, it’s so horrible, isn’t it? 
      Well, we both know Mark makes promises he can’t always keep…
      My my, you are a generous trickster good sir…

      [7] FREEDOM
      You make a tempting offer, really
      but I still like a little con-OH GOD! UHHH IM LEFT-HANDED SO…?

      [8] LEFT
      No…no, I trusted my instincts, I made the right choice…
      Only you would know chocolate is my favorite.

      [End 4 of 10]

      Wait NO!

      [9] RIGHT
      …I’m not a huge fan of vanilla Mark…
      Ha! I know right? I’ll always try my best to protect you, I hope you know that.

      Are you? Are you really tho?

      Yes, I think so – look how cute he is! ?
      [End 3 of 10]

      Sure, I have bad eyesight anyway.

      [1] DON’T PAY
      Sweetie, you have 17 MILLION subscribers (at this point), how could you forget your wallet?!

      [2] ATTACK
      Um duh! OH FU— Nuts?! Your head’s bleeding, are you okay?!

      [3] ROAD
      The road looks safest.
      My judgement is horrible! We were just in a car crash, you handsome goof!
      ? Oh boy…..
      You know, I’m more concerned about your head Mark, you may have a con..cocktion of sandwiches, GREAT! 

      Yeah…my mom would never wear a Mom shirt, that’s ridiculous.
      Thank you! I’m starving actually, that was the weirdest restaurant back there.
      Ohh, I hope it has red onion, I’ve always hated celery in a sandwich…

      [4] TUNA
      You make it sound all well and good God Mark but fighting my mutation was fishing hard! At least we have love? I guess…
      All I wanted was red onion, that’s it! ?
      I guess we could just play Whose Line games forever! They’re more fun anyway….

      [End 6 of 10]

      Can I try again?

      [5] PB&J
      My sweet Markimoo, I didn’t know we were splitting the one sandwich, you had two in your hands!
      Don’t worry I’ll watch over your empire until we get a new clone up and running but you’ll always be my favorite. 

      (Don’t tell #9!)
      Having this much power feels kinda nice actually…?

      [End 5 of 10]

      Oh͔̄,͚͆ ͓͗͌͢n͓͉̝͗̒̊o̩͖̼̍́͞w͟͡ ̪͔̐̈́w̻̬̆͂e ̧̦̭̈̈̍c̮̩͔͑̔̊ā̖ṇ͑’̢̺̓͊t͈̪̄͐ ̮͛h̦͙̊͌a̺̕v̤͂̊͢e̞͉̓̌ ̢̼́͑t̜͖̜̊̒̊h͇̖̅͊̄͟a̭͝t̘͙͑̕, d̻͞ȃ͢rl̛̦̘̾iṇ͓͑̀g̼̀.̹̟̄̕ ͕̇̆͜Ď͇o̮̐ń̦̦̝͊̈’͕̥̥̈́̐͊t̡̩̔̀ ̟̦̒̀w̛̖̲͑o̭̫͂͞r̙̺͇̈͐̀r͟͞y̢͉̠̐̄͘,̙̼̇̅ ̜͘I’l̠̒l ̙͊f̠́i̢͛x̼̟̔̌̅͜ ͖̩̋̿ȩ̼̪̔͒̀v̰͙̄̆e̞̓r̡̄y͔̿t͓̹̿͠ḧ̢̬̱́̏́ï̬n̞͌g.͇́.̦̚.̹̩̣̍̈́̀

      [6] SHINY
      I like the shiny… ?
      *GASP* ??
      MARK! OH GOD! ?
      This wasn’t part of the plan, are you okay?
      …we may have to wipe it all down just to be safe-no-not you guys-my face is clear-WAIT!

      [End 7 of 10]

      [2] DON’T ATTACK
      Wherever he’s taking us, I’m sure we can find a way out, we’re both smart
      – you could’ve been an engineer right? So let’s just wait…
      What is here?? Heh heh Sorry.
      …I’m kind of glad we didn’t eat anything from there now…

      *smack* I have leggings under this dress, Mark, how dare you? I had to be the one with no pants on today since you chose to wear a suit…but you first. ?
      AND you didn’t even pay for din-WOW. ?
      I guess we could dig? It shouldn’t take that long right?

      [3] DIG
      …………….You know what Markidigger, I actually think I’m gonna dip, I’m tragically skinny, I think I can get through those bars soooo maybe you could offer him your hair instead of being eaten? 

      It could be a fun troll, putting your hairs into everyone’s soaps heh heh uh…I’m just gonna go and put in a request for #15 or is it #14? I lost count, it’s been a long day, endless seemingly so uhhhh…Buh-Bye!

      [End 8 of 10]

      God, can I get another hit please? That was crazy, he did have nice shoelaces though.  

      [4] PICK LOCK
      That was fast, probably your magic fingers. ?
      Mark, those are the worst shoes ever…are they crocs?  

      ? Sweetie, did your brain start growing away from your head with that mullet? You’re an expert on horror tropes, never spit up! We should hold hands…

      [4] STAY TOGETHER 
      Damn it Mark, it was totally your shoes!
      Damn, Ow!
      I forgot my-Ow.
      Pocket knife in my other dress’ pocket-Ow.
      Hey! You have the controller Mark not me!
      WOAH. Eww…ugh, of course, I choose my one dress that isn’t bloodproof…
      I don’t know Mark, is it really that easy…?

      [5] EXIT
      Oh, Dark you didn’t?
      Haven’t I paid enough already?
      Or was that a previous time?
      I don’t know anymore but this isn’t fair!

      I’m done with this date!

      [6] SPLIT UP
      Well there isn’t much to search around he-Mark! OH MY GOD! ?
      You wore PINK crocs on our date, bro? I thought I was more important to you! ?

      Can’t believe I have to do this again so soon, I’m gonna get severe memory loss or something.
      TTYL GTA KO’d Mark.Done.Goofed_15.exe

      [End 9 of 10]

      Okay! I have the. worst. headache on top of the strongest sense of deja-vu I’ve ever had, I don’t trust you Mark, it can’t be that easy!
      I think we should explore this place more, at the very least. We can always come back later.

      [8] MORE?
      Thank you sweetheart. It looks kinda familiar actually…
      Oh Hi Wil ? So this is where you went after that Five Nights at Freddy’s interview. I’m a little frazzled to put it blankly….

      What I think I am? What do you mean, Wilford?
      At least try to make some semblance of sense around me please?!
      I’m not a patient girl today. 

      You…you put me in her body?!
      Was this all your plan or Dark’s, Wil?
      Cause he was right, this certainly is not a place I would’ve wanted to go! 

      No matter, I have more power than he thinks.
      Her and I will just have to go down into the basement for a possession reversal procedure. 

      Had to be done with Tyler, I’m sure the Almighty’s body won’t be a problem for them.
      Plus I’m the only one who can make reports on Mark. 

      Still – Thank you Markiplier, that was the first & best date I’ve ever been on. ?

      [End 10 of 10]

    • Mar. 11, 2017: I GOTTA LIVE
      Uhhh you seem pretty crazy my friend.
      Maybe I need to re-evaluate the code… he’s showing signs of delusion & paranoia.
      God, please
      I’ve lost count of what Mark we’re up too after Valentines, UGH.
      We’ll have to catch him first in order to edit the code, though…

    • Mar. 14, 2017: SAVE MARKIPLIER
      Mark_16.exe has regressed to punching frozen water, the most innocent substance known to man. We didn’t plan for this.
    • Mar. 17, 2017: Winter is Coming – OFFICIAL TRAILER
      So we’re just gonna have to scrap him and start from scratch, guys. He’s already frozen, won’t make as much of a struggle back to the basement. Such a pain, every time. ?
    • Apr. 7, 2017: WHERE THE HELL IS MARKIPLIER?!
      Fresh from the basement with a new haircut to boot! Nice to meet you, Mark_17.exe
      At least now you match your subscriber number, maybe this was all meant to happen. ?

    • Apr. 16, 2017: Don’t Play This Game
      Who’s the goof that turned up Darkiplier’s control valve during the last basement session? And how do I fire them? I suppose it’s fine, I’ll watch him. The security code’s shut him out for now…but note that “game” as a trigger for the next batch.
    • Apr. 25, 2017: You’re Welcome
      Daark. Mark has worked very hard on this tour, don’t try anything, I’m warning you. Valentines was enough fun and games for you, let Mark have his shot.
    • Apr. 29, 2017: HELP ME
      You’re not Bejamin-Buttoning, my dude.
      It’s just your reset program doin’ it’s thang, this is a good thang. I promise. ???

    • May 1, 2019: Who Am I?
      Good, good. Everything is working properly again. ?

    Alright, on a serious note since I haven’t said much in creating this really fun & funny thing: Thank You, Mark, just for being you and being honestly – THE MOST humble person I’ve ever “met.” My first video of yours was “Watch This Video When You’re Feeling Down” on the day it came out, I saw it on the Trending page. You looked like a wise, samurai teacher and I was introduced to a very sweet man who wanted nothing more than to spread the purest sense of happiness: laughter and motivate everyone to be the best version of themselves that they can be. ? Honestly, I’d never gotten into the gaming community on Youtube, I had enough entertainment from watching my brother play on his Xbox with all of his snarky remarks to other players – So I didn’t really watch any of your other videos until recently when it happened to be a Monday and a thought popped into my head at random “I wonder what Markiplier’s been up to?” So I went back to your channel and somehow this spark for something to bring me joy came back and whenever I find any Youtuber that I really love, I like to go back to their first video and binge watch until I catch up to their recent stuff. A few games here and there (To the Moon, The Last of Us, The Plan, I can’t handle horror/gore very well, I’m too gentle of a soul sorry ? but mostly your vlogs, charity announcements, sketches, challenges, and motivational videos. You’re too giving for this world, Mark. I’m around the age you were when you started making videos and I hope I can believe in myself as much as you did to success, someday. You never stop reaching for the stars and that unshakable determination is truly un-believe-able. You’ve climbed so many rocky hills, been through a lot of heartbreak – that we’ve seen! You’ve shared it with us and I’ve just never come across someone on the internet who’s not afraid to show the most vulnerable pieces of themselves before. I admire it so much I can’t think of anymore words besides thank you. For your honesty, your unwavering encouragement, your adorable smile & laugh, and simply sharing your love of creativity – in all its forms. I hope you don’t ever feel Lost again but if you do, just know myself & 24 Million others will be there to help you. I guess in a way this timeline that’s spanning 11 pages on my Google Doc right now is my gift to you since you can’t do mail videos anymore, I hope you found it funny at least. I am one of your members as well and I’m so excited for Halloween! Can’t wait to join in your next charity livestream too! I ~sincerely~ hope you make it to 1 Billion subscribers, cause you’re worth it. ? ❤️


      • AND NOW – Back to your regularly scheduled programming: 
      • May 5, 2017: Markiplier TV

        If this is what ol’Pinky & the Brain had been working on,
        how dare you not include me sirs?

        8:14 – Sure sure, whatever Dark said…if you want my two cents-

        KOTS, get back to your nuts, we don’t need you right now! 
        Alright fine, ignore me! I don’t really care what you weirdos do, Jim News is already on it’s own network & everything else O’Warfy’s pitched is…. well cringe entertainment to put it frankly. Which doesn’t always sell, I highly doubt you’d get a direct to series order, let alone an on-air commitment.

        {Here’s the thing friends: My branch of the basement doesn’t control Warfstache (personally I don’t think anyone can…) I’m just here to monitor Dark and fix any .MAR files that could go haywire, then record it…kinda like Jims News, just more underground.}

      • Apr 1, 2017: 360 VIDEO | Let’s Play Minecraft | Part 1
        Googlplier, why you gotta mess with Mark’s fun new tech?
      • May. 12, 2017: spongebob meme
        Mark_18 & Mark_19, I know you guys are on standby and it’s boring AF but please don’t. It messes with the code. Because you’re better than that, stick to the sketches. Just mentioning them freaks out the software, calm down!
      • May 13, 2017: FIDGET SPINNERS RUIN LIVES
        That’s better! ?
      • May 20, 2017: Google Gets An Upgrade
        Hmmmm, Google isn’t glitchy anymore…this could be a problem.
      • May 23, 2017: World’s 4th Quietest Let’s Play
        Still happy with your composure Dark,
        it lets me know I wrote a strong enough security code ?
        Good game.
      • Jun. 29, 2017: The Voice of Darkiplier | Markiplier ReMIX
        Fun remix but who’s the green goblin? 
        I’m not a fan of Christmas in July, gentlemen.

      • Jul. 28, 2017: DARKIPLIER vs ANTISEPTICEYE
        Ahhh so you are afraid of Chica, Dark? I suspected as much.
        I’m not sure what all of that other stuff was about but I have my information now.
        Thank You.
        Very Much. 

      • Unfortunately, I’m not part of the Anti-SepticEye branch but he seems to be a very chaotic being so for anyone interested, I found a crash course:
      • Aug. 22, 2017: The Man With No Shadow
        A very…artistic expression on the idea of Darkiplier, Mark. Very nice…and is that…my feet on the fireplace? You kept the sculpture I gave you? ??
      • Aug. 24, 2017: WHERE THE F$@K?
        “Am I dead?”
        I’m gonna say yes – 17 times so far.
        Why do you ask?

      • Sep. 7, 2017: v
        I see you’re trying to break through again Dark.
        Keep trying, you’re far too interesting to me to just throw away.
        Maybe you’ll get there, however my codes are stronger.
      • Sep. 24, 2017: I Need a Break
        Mark, you aren’t programmed for a break.
        You work until you die then we replace you with a clone from the basement.
        You tried this once before but Dark got a hold of you first, what are you up to?

      • Oct 10, 2017: Who Killed Markiplier? – Chapter 1

        Strange, Mark inviting me to the Manor of all places… We’ve gone through enough Marks, he knows who I am, it’s a sworn secret.
        The “District Attorney” shtick is mostly a cover-up…

        Timestamp replies
        0:59 – Thanks…Colonel…?
        1:18 – Hmmm…Tyler’s being an oddball too…
        Damien! I didn’t know you’d be here! ?
        1:25 – It’s very nice, better than my other one – I didn’t realize how much I missed windows haha
        1:35 – ahaha, no promises!
        1:45 – Well hello agai- OKAY! Okay, geez, I thought you couldn’t wait to get me in there last ti-*sigh* anyway…
        1:58 – Thanks Tyler, I have a strange feeling this night is gonna be a banger, I’ll be needing this. ?
        2:25 – {well, you seem more boisterous than usual…. But if ya do, you can trust me to take care of everything!}
        ? Hahaha, I don’t know what you’re planning but WTF I’ll have some fun for one night.

        3:02 – Ugh, I went a little too hard…
        3:25 – uh-huh thanks…?
        {Plain seltzer would’ve been fine, I need to find my red iron pills…and maybe see how Tyler’s doing? He doesn’t seem to be all there…}

        3:32 – Hahaha it was fun.

        Of course, I see you’re still the Kegstand King!
        Thank you for making sure I got to bed all right. ?
        I haven’t a clue either.
        You were always the optimist.
        Sure, see you down there.

        {…did the colonel take out his gun last night…? I know there was a poker game but Mark would never play russian roulette.} That’s an… interesting statue, does it have a-
        *GASP* ? MARK! OH MY GOD!
        {not again you asshole! …yeah sure, it was murder…they can think that…but in front of all these people, is he trying to expose me?!}
        4:30 – Woah-woah hey! I didn’t do anything to him! {that wasn’t required of me anyway}

        4:45 – Well why me?! I’m just-

        4:55 – {Huh, body temp doesn’t matter, I still have the other two on standby back home-} I… wasn’t going to–okay then. ?
        5:30 – Noo NoNo! That’s below my pay grade bud, all I try to do is keep everyone safe, as much as I can.
        I work in code more than case files!

        5:44 – What? Oh…ugh, whatever.
        6:45 – I won’t keep using that word.
        {Damn, stuck here with no Wifi, I can’t tell anyone about Mark, why is this time around have to be so…public?}
        6:55 – Dam, I was just going to find you.. ?
        7:15 – Ew…uhhhh…

        7:30 – Well that’s what happens when you spend all day in front of a computer screen!
        7:52 – Ick, I need to check if Dam-

        {Alright, he needs some time to think. Now for this “Colonel” character…}

        8:40 – You are correct sir.
        8:49 – Much appreciated.
        9:28 – {WELL you obviously like to live in your own reality there, pal. He’s not going to much help to me.}

        9:45 – {I’m sooo glad Chica isn’t here to see-} Tyler. Oh?

        10:25 – ..Yeah sure! Not like this house could get anymore creepy.
        10:37 – Looks like a regular old cellar, I don’t-
        10:52 – {Oh…no, Dark really did a number on you Tyler. ? I’m so sorry for not paying more attention, I thought he would’ve moved you to the nice room. {Noted: schedule this poor, unfortunate soul for a Neuralyzer session, this is no way to live.}

        11:13 – Well, its not like you have doors or anything, it’s a pretty open- Yeah. No-no I can’t fathom a fraction as to why.

        11:50 – …from the meat..balls? ?
        12:06 – uhh, sure I guess.
        12:50 – {Hmmm, Tyler being an asshole is partially an oversight on my part & the Chef I don’t know but he scares me. But the most important part is that Mark was getting paranoid again.}
        Aaand chef’s gone…alrighty then.

        13:15 – I see the place hasn’t changed much at all, the gazebo should be-

        13:25 – Damien! Are you alright?
        Well that’s a given….
        {Dam’s really torn up about this. ?}

        13:58 – Yeah, I know. Death is odd that way.
        Mark meant a lot to everyone. Don’t worry too much.
        14:13 – I’ll try to figure this all out.
        14:15 – What? What’s wrong?
        14:22 – WHAT? ?
        14:35 – {What is the hell is going on in this house?}

      • Oct. 11, 2017: Who Killed Markiplier? – Chapter 2

        Timestamp replies
        0:40 – Jesus Colonel! You’re in my bubble!
        1:34 – I believe that!
        1:52 – Why do I have to walk with you?
        2:00 – I know! It’s nowhere near his birthday and Halloween is at least a few weeks. 2:13 – Heh, yeah… He had said he wanted a break…
        {went against his programming & I guess came back here but for what reason?
        Then invites me of all people, along with our friends, to celebrate something?}

        2:42 – I prefer barn owl but okay.

        2:59 – God no, I am the lowest person on that list bud, basement level even.
        {Abe, if only you knew what I really did…Mark’s died, multiple times but I’ve always brought him back – for Chica, for his family, for this community, for all of us.}
        3:25 – Damn. {Most of those check out from my previous logs, ~not~ in that order but nuance.}

        4:13 – {This house breathes a lot of history, I have no ties here anymore,
        whatever he’s been planning, I’m completely in the dark.}
        4:22 – Huh, fun memories. I remember taking these.
        {Whatever was done in my personal time hasn’t been logged here,
        I had to be factual in my reports, I’ll have you know.
        But this is all starting to get very blur-} Ahh! Colonel….

        Okay, let’s talk. ?
        4:50 – {Oh, I believe I know you very well, Pal.}

        5:05 – Yeah, we’re…close friends.
        {You and me – not as much, but I know your memory to be a bit hazy at times these days.}
        5:16 – …that’s true but will you be ok–no it-oh! Well then…
        5:29 – Well he um…I think he wanted to cool down.
        5:37 – I think your words still reached him.
        5:40 – Sure…
        5:43 – Damien? He’s come up now.

        5:45 – God! Stop doing that, please!
        {his nonsensical nature is really trying my patience, like always.}
        5:58 – {I could name one or two bytes from my bitchute that aren’t fans of Mark, but I have them under control…I promise.}
        6:07 – Really? That’s an interesting theory.

        6:11 – {Work for? Yes.
        Work on? Even more of a pain but I have a duty to this community – not that you’d care…clearly…}
        6:21 – Missed him again, Dam.
        Sure, of course! I know you’ve been wanting to talk all day…
        6:55 – Hmmm…possibly not.
        7:03 – True, I had my doubts once before.

        {But data never lies, Mark_17.exe is the one we’re dealing with here.}

        7:14 – Dam, I–  What the hell?! ?
        8:01 – ?…
        8:06 – Everyone! Stop Say—{Celine?!}

      • Oct. 12, 2017: Who Killed Markiplier? – Chapter 3

        Timestamp replies
        0:25 – ? I would’ve told her more delicately, considering…
        0:40 – Oh boy! ?
        0:46 – {Yeah, what he said. Every other time has been an accident, why would he bring us here to kill himself?}

        1:13 – Not that story again! PLEASE
        1:38 – {UGH these idiots..}
        2:25 – I’m an introvert, Celine, you know of me, come on now.
        Tyler, don’t make me go back on my promise.
        Well that was your choice Abe. ?
        {I knew I tolerated you for some reason, pal.}
        2:45 – {Ohho, heh, in more ways than you could ever comprehend.}
        3:02 – {Aww you sweet’ol mustache… ?
        All I’m allowed to share in these types of report logs is to monitor Darkiplier, that’s how this all started. But I do know Mark, I know his connections to everyone here and what happened from a time before. I’m an introvert, an observer – that’s why I’m not thought of much by the others but I know my part. Those parts of him should be locked away but he’s trying to pull back that veil now for all to see. 
        Celine may be the only one to help me understand why…}

        4:11 – ? All will be right soon, trust me.

        4:40 – Just a tad.
        4:45 – Sure you will.
        5:00 – You’ve told me that before & you’re right. My short time has left me turned around more than on…..

        5:52 – *gasp* uhh, well I’m not an artist soo… ?

        7:29 – ?
        7:50 – But–I–fine.

        8:06 – I don’t feel so good about leaving them alone here.
        10:18 – ?
        10:28 – *gasp* Damn it, I knew I should’ve stayed with them!
        10:47 – Celine! Where’s Damien? Celine? ?

      • Oct. 13, 2017: Who Killed Markiplier? – The Final Chapter

        Timestamp replies
        0:26 – I don’t know where they are but listen to me-
        1:10 – I’m not ready just yet, there’s too many questions…
        1:16 – *Gasp* Celine?
        1:19 – Wher-Woah. 2:17 – *cough* ugh, was this room always here?
        2:23 – Jesus, that detective went ham this time around.
        3:04 – Wi–I don’t know where this room came from…I saw some stuff involving Damien too.

        3:27 – I-I just don’t know anymore, this whole thing is just…Colonel! Wait!

        3:35 – Calm down! We don’t know everything, It could very well be this corrupted house…
        3:55 – Oh god…
        4:12 – Wil! Just put the gun down! Please!
        4:24 – ??? William stop, give me the gu—

        5:00 – Mark?! ? Celine, Dam! ?

        5:08 – I genuinely didn’t think he’d become that powerful behind my back…

        5:31 – *sigh* A few, yes but we need to get back. I need to get back.
        6:09 – ? I had hoped time wouldn’t turn upside down like this, it’s torturous.
        6:32 – Jesus, do I? Do I really Celine?
        …..I have to…..
        6:44 – You better be right Damien.

        6:55 – Ugh, my head…

        7:02 – Where’s– ?
        7:26 – Oh, no. No Wil..
        That’s not–it’s very complicated, listen to me–please come back Wil…*sigh*

        8:05 – ? You…you know I’ll find my way out…?
        8:09 – GET BACK HERE!

        I’ll find you!

        That’s how this all started!

        Damn this stupid house! You brought everyone back, warped time backward for us all to relive this crap I tried to forget…


        ? So stupid of me! And Wil, all over again…god, why?

        Okay, okay. Deep breaths, I’ve prepared for this. This is my second time out in the field, I made sure to clone myself, I just need to get it here somehow….
        or maybe I can hop into a camera lens and if the camera has Wifi, I can send everything back home, get the other Mark prepared, just have to wait…


      • Oct. 14, 2017: CORPSE ABDUCTION?
        JIMS! ?? Oh thank god, I knew you’d be on this case! Yes! The detective couldn’t see me, he’s too old fashioned, it’s been hours! Over here! Jim!
      • Oct. 14, 2017: SUSPECT WITH A SHOOTY?!
        Damn it Jim! Jim, tell him I’m over here, You can see me, you have the camera lens!
      • Oct.14, 2017: DEMONS JIM, DEMONS!!
        Alright, night vision works too, everything’s gonna be okay now! ?
        I’m still stuck in the camera for now but I trust Jim and Jim to get us all back home safely.

        I’ll have to keep an extra close eye on Mark_18 for now. We have a fresh Dark to deal with, I need to export all my previous logs offline so he can’t seep through any cracks, scrap the other clones we have on backup (19 is on stand-by, he’ll be fine.), & Wilford will be fine…as much as he can be. ? Only time will have its way with his poor soul now. Believe me friends, I’ve tried. I can’t bring him back. I don’t know if anyone can right now. Celine isn’t here (again) and Warfstache isn’t our Wil.I guess a good thing that came out of this was reminding me of William, not just Warfstache. He’s difficult to be around, I think I went along with some of his maddening thoughts cause why not? It’s possible Wil’s still in there and I’d give anything to have him sane again. I didn’t know the Colonel back there was the genuine Wil, I thought it was Stache playing with me, playing with us – until it was too late.

        But as a broken record, time only tell me how this reset will affect both of them. I’ll have my guard up this time. I may be fired for making these logs no longer void of my personal emotions but this is a brand new game we have to play.

        I have to see where this new road takes us all. 


      • Oct, 23, 2017: MY NEW CAR
        Timestamp replies
        9:20 – I have to be, Mark, doesn’t mean I don’t love it. ?
        9:28 – {Well, I gave Tyler a neuralyzer treatment so at least he’s not emotionally scarred anymore!} ??
        9:43 – Fine, I’ll get the shrooms, but you can’t have any!
        10:52 – FREE-DOM!Oh boy…some crazy adventures await with this Markimoo. ?

      • Oct. 24, 2017: MAN’S NOT HOT
        Timestamp replies
        0:08 – Dude WTF? How HOT is it? ? Sorry, you have the better jokes …or I’m dehydrated.
        0:29 – I had too many shrooms yesterday and passed out.

        0:34 – Ehhh, it’s like a level 2 fart speed.
        1:05 – Sweetie, did the heat get to you that quickly or is it just you?
        2:34 – Please tell me that’s clean… ? Fine, I’m not wearin’ it!
        3:39 – Yeah, sounds totally legit, now that I’m not dehydrated anymore.
        4:01 – Yeah, it’s still gonna be your hospital bill bub!
        7:10 – Eheheh, you trust me too much Mark, that’s good ? Nahh, not yet, my Chica girl needs company back here!
        7:49 – I asked you if that toilet bowl was clean or not!
        8:08 – Come on babygirl, let’s get some leg stretchys goin’.
        10:44 – Hehe this is fun, Hi Amy!
        11:25 – Sick! ? Oh… okay ?
        11:29 – Yeah…I’ll tell ya later. Thanks ?

        12:42 – Aww thank you Mark I’m honored,

        that’s the exact name I was thinking too, how perfect!
        12:50 – Okay, this ain’t workin’ out. ?
        13:02 – more shrooms yay!

      • Oct. 25, 2017: MR. BONES WILD PUMPKIN PATCH (happy birthday ethan!)
        Timestamp replies
        2:54 – Kinda, dude! There’s flippin’ goats!!
        4:10 – No, you are! ?
        5:10 – You two are adorable ?❤️
        5:16 – ???
        6:25 – Uhhh, I think there was an “incident” in Africa like 10 years ago where a guy had to marry a goat after getting caught having sex with it. ?

        8:07 – ? Ohmygosh, Tyle
        r! Like I could do that easily,

        having the body of a 12-year-old
        but yous too much of a big boy!
        8:52 – YAY! That’s great Tyler! ?
        11:08 – Pretty spicy so far. Yeah I do!
        11:18 – Sure thing, doesn’t sound like it was fun for you tho, Im sorry. ?
        16:52 – Oh god, in under a minute? Uhhh.. 1. Fieldpumpkinsareclassifiedashavingahard,greenstem.2.Green,unripe,field pumpkinsareallowedasofficialentries.&3.AllrulesinArticle2apply,withtheexceptionthatadamagedspotmaynotexceed2inchesindiameterforfieldpumpkins. Woo!
        ? How was that?

        12:18 – Thanks Amy! I was going for a cubism thing. ?

        13:01 – I’m good, I’ve been higher than this with the barrel & you, remember?
        13:58 – Oh wait, let the birthday boy judge! Today’s Ethan’s birthday isn’t it?

        15:00 – ? Kathlyn! How could you betray me so?!
        16:30 – I know, what’s up with that?! But I got Chica pumpkins seeds so it’s all good. ?
      • Oct. 26, 2017: THE SUN WILL KILL YOU
        Timestamp replies
        0:25 – Hi pretty girl!
        0:43 – It’s damn hot bro. ?
        1:15 – Damn straight!

        2:17 – That is everything in my Markiplier emergency kit back home. ?

        3:21 – I get you, I ~still~ have my PS1 dude. And I’m not fluent in gibberish yet, shift your gears please!
        3:27 – Mark, I strongly dislike Dora the Explorer, please don’t do this.
        3:40 – IKR? Thinking they own the road, pffff!
        3:55 – Yeah, I think back-to-school sales ended last month anyway.

        5:24 – We are never alone. ?

        6:05 – Double Score!
        6:22 – Aww, I remember I left my VHS of Anastasia out of the case of the sun room one night while the screen door was open and it rained all over it and I was so scared it was damaged forever but it was okay….yeah, I don’t have many fun stories…
        I still have my Kiki’s Delivery Service VHS though, before Disney got in trouble for adding lines and the only version of the dub available anywhere now is the edited 2010 cut! I prefer the OG dub.

        6:50 – Hi! ? Ohh, I love guavas!

        8:07 – Thanks, I don’t work out, but I’m stronger than I look…at 4”10 heh-heh
        8:50 – It’s so awesome!
        9:23 – Uh-yeah-bro, why don’t we like, rubber cement them together?
        9:39 – Haha I love your great grandpapi. ?10:15 – Chica, it’s okay, don’t panic. I know how much you love to watch Courage the Cowardly Dog on Thursday, we’ll get it goin’
        10:24 – Eyyy, we got snow! Progress! Woo!

      • Oct, 27, 2017: World’s First Pop-Up Haunted House
        Timestamp replies
        0:05 – Okay, have fun!
        0:10 – Hi there Chica-boo, how are yoou? ?
        0:26 – Hmmm, he might be a while…

        0:40 – Woah-Hi! Guava-great it is. Nothin’ important…?

        0:54 –  Uhh, posters of–yeeaah or that! Yes.
        1:20 – Funnzie Punnzies!
        1:56 – Well you just plopped the big dump of bags in here when you came back bro!
        2:28 – Blood splatters look best against wood, keep bein’ you, Barry. Geez Mark not again! Phew..

        2:43 – Aww coooolll! Sexy Chucky duh!
        2:50 – Well alright, enjoy yourself – lightheadedness and all that jazz.
        3:06 – Bit of a long neck, isn’t he?
        3:26 – Oh right duh heh-hehe sorry!
        3:30 – Chica, you into this? I never knew ?3:51 – Bro, I get hair in everything, I hate it too!I can’t wait to cut it all off for cancer patient wigs.
        4:05 – Oh Fu- the fact your beard matches makes it super spoopy!
        4:12 – Kinky.
        5:26 – Quote of the year Tyler!
        5:34 – But I was thinking of changing into sexy chucky now–ow!
        5:50 – Nope, my pocket watch is in my other pants, oh look it’s dogoo’clock, I’ll go see if Tyler has one.
        5:59 – coolio…
        6:07 – Haha, you’re adorable! ?
        6:09 – …Genius!
        7:02 – it’s the scent of your soul being sucked away by the pumpkins. We gave them faces, now they want your soul! Mwaaahaha
        7:10 – Guava. It’s guava, Tyler get it right!

        7:36 – Wait, out of 5 or 10?
        Cause 2 might be nice improvement zone!
        7:55 – ‘Cause that style CERTAINLY won’t get us arrested, you have so many smarticles, Markimoo. Or maybe just two…
        9:00 – Are you scared yet?
        9:38 – Oh okay, then if we’re goin’ that direction with 10 stars, we suck ass Mark. ?
        10:26 – Oohh, we’re going up in the world! Woo!

        11:44 – I didn’t get the chance to show off my sexy chucky, boooo!
        11:59 – True, but debatably, the legality of it is kinda lessened by the halloween principle. Like no way you could do this in July or anything so I think we picked a prime first day!
        12:11 – Me too Mark, these past few days have been the best. ?

      • Oct, 30, 2017: WE’RE NOT GONNA MAKE IT!!
        Timestamp replies
        0:23 – Well I dont think your call to the gods of gas is working either!
        0:36 – Receipts are useless in today’s society!
        Did you get the goods?
        0:56 – that’s F-ed up, why didn’t we leave early?1:27 – Bro, how many texts full of blue & red car emojis did you send me?!
        Didn’t you wake up on time?!
        …really? ?…
        It’s Monday & Halloween Eve, I slept in so the demon doesn’t come out to steal your eyeballs to keep mine from burning all day in the sun!

        1:52 – Thank you Mr. Butt Doctor!

        3:24 – It’s been really fun so far Mark. ? Yeah, I wanted a fudge round but close enough ??‍♀️
        5:26 – Yeah, I think it’s a great plan dude. You’ve always said you wanted to really get to know your fans personally and that’s probably the best way you can do it so go for it! ?
        5:58 – It’s the ghosty-goos
        7:25 – Hey, she said buh-bye…. ??
        7:47 – …we made it yay
        7:50 – Hmmm ? Mark, ya okay?
        Wow…that was the quickest and most fun 9 hours of my life, it’s morning already?
        8:20 – Yeah hey Mark, how come I didn’t get one? ?
        8:28 – ??
        8:32 – Don’t cry dude..Exactly! ?
        9:58 – You just be you dude, that’s always worth my time ???
      • Nov. 1, 2017: Playing Dead with CHICA!!
        Mark called me and told me he was dying so I had to rush over and this goofball!

      • Nov. 14, 2017: THE SUN WILL (not) KILL YOU
        Timestamp replies
        0:37 – Yeah, don’t want our creepy white van looking obnoxiously creepy.
        It’s about subtlety, right?
        0:43 – Well they were slapped on here pretty har-ohh ?

        0:50 – ? How you doin’?

        1:26 – Ummm ?
        1:46 – Some bazook-or that! That’s better, I’m clearly the idiot here!
        1:57 – heh-heh, nice peach butt ?
        2:11 – She’s still excited from my bazooka idea.
        3:10 – Uhhh-huh I think I watch you more Mark…

        3:15 – ? …. ?

        3:23 – Chica! You wanna be a Bad Dog? Yeah! Let’s go!

        4:03 – You’ve been ignoring your subjects dude, I think they’ve rebelled by now.
        4:12 – Fine fine
        4:34 – Sweet! Chica Let’s ride! ?
        5:02 – So we can pull out easier and get goin’ faster, duh!
        5:44 – Aww ya did? Shucks! ? Oh….cool…thoughtful of you Mark,
        now it’ll be easier to read my manga at night!

        6:02 – Dude I told you, Pull. Out. Easier. Yeah? It’s what we all strive for, right?

        6:15 – ? Oh god… ?
        6:38 – ??
        7:17 – Ohhh, green too!
        10:14 – Oh boy!

        10:41 – Did you put the severed hand in there?
        Are we having another Popcorn situation?
        11:10 – Then change the name from Barrel to Porn Hub.
        11:22 – Cheers!

      • Nov. 16, 2017: Markiplier’s Vintage Boutique
        Timestamp replies
        AHHH, DUDE! WTF? ?
        0:38 – I don’t know, that’s a pretty cool sweater.
        1:34 – Hgggg, ow! I don’t get paid enough for this abuse… AHH! ?
        2:13 – Markimoo, you should read about KonMari.
        2:37 – Okaaay…Jesus! ?2:47 – Uhh, okay if it sparks joy or whatever.
        2:53 – I have the same quote shirt somewhere, I thought my dad had made it up, cause he said it so much. Like about anything.

        3:07 – It’sa shiny-leg-boi!
        3:46 – Yeah, lucky him, I’m a year older and I still have the body of a 12 year old,
        nothing is fair anymore! ?
        4:17 – Sup Ethan! ?
        4:26 – {What the frick Ethan? I’m not actually 12..this isn’t even espresso. ?}
        4:56 – Yay! I love snow globes, snow globes, snow globes all day long.
        5:07 – ? {Oh god, not again.}
        5:25 – Well.. ? Ok
        5:57 – Wait Mark, don’t waste! It could feed a family of like, 6 homeless people…I’ll grab it
        6:04 – Thank you very mozzz! ?
        6:44 – Ahh so one down, 3 to go. I’ll put that in my notes. ?
        7:13 – Aaaaa blank space to write your name!
        Same difference.

        7:45 – …perfect logo for a creepy, blood-splattered white van.

        7:53 – Ehh, you’re a smart chap, you figured it out!
        8:12 – Welcome! Hi! ???
        8:45 – Thanks, I’m not good with public sales anyway.
        9:15 – I don’t think that was consensual, are you ok Mark?

        9:50 – Because change is a choice and we ran out of time? ?

        10:13 – Uhh, let me see here–oh! The cat shirt! Mark!
        10:36 – Hi pupper ?
        11:05 – Aww mark no!
        12:05 – Curt closing remarks…Mark ?
        12:11 – Uhh. 10 — 11 — 13 — 14…Imma say $20?

        12:45 – Yeah. No problem ?

      • Nov. 18, 2017: The “FRIENDLY” Ice Cream Truck
        Timestamp replies
        0:10 – That might be their trigger word Mark
        0:45 – Ahhh we’ve reached the Endgame: turning our creepy, white van into a late night ice cream truck. Perfect!
        1:23 – Here, how’s that? ?1:33 – At least it’s not visible anymore, can’t have untasteful advertising. We have innocent icey creams dammit
        2:05 – EXACTLY!
        2:29 – No! Not anymore, the penis ice cream logo is fixed!

        2:57 – In perfectly innocent shapes too!
        Aww I love a good drumstick!
        3:24 – Intrepid Speech, Manager Mark!
        3:45 – Well it’s supposed to be a surprise I guess!
        I’m not a part of the packaging process, why is it white? That’s a stupid color!
        4:15 – Too high-speed, we need somewhere low-key and mellow…yellow.
        4:53 – the duct tape adds a nice border too
        6:04 – Cherry! ?
        7:15 – Networking, they’ll tell their friends
        7:25 – Uhh, here – the homeless Mark! Think of the homeless!
        10:21 – Sure. Honestly, I just don’t think ice cream is our forte.

        10:28 – Fun times with you Mark, as always. ?

      • Nov. 18, 2017: Don’t remember

        Mark told me I could sleep in here after the ice cream shop, that TV freaked me out before… I left my headlight in his office too. Who’s there? Mark, are you being a goofy goober again? I’m too tired for that right now.
        Ugh, whatever, stupid TV.

      • Nov 22, 2017: Chica’s First Ball Pit
        Yay! It’s Chica-venture time! ?
      • {WARNING: the following videos of the actual game play is very disturbing. Prepare yourself or avoid for your mental health. The videos are included for the content of the description.}
      • Dec. 23, 2017: Doki Doki Literature Club – Part 1
        They’re trying to hack the description html. Hello, Warfstache.

      • Dec. 24, 2017: Doki Doki Literature Club – Part 2
        Maybe I shouldn’t have gone back to sleep in that van…

      • Dec. 26, 2017: Doki Doki Literature Club – Part 3
        A bit tenebrous…for the log’s sake, I will try my best here, this is all very confusing
        (in more ways than one for me)

        3 months ago, Mark decided we all needed a refresh on our history together.
        For what reasons, I still don’t know. Maybe he planned this all along but my friends are my life, I didn’t want to believe Mark would let that damned house slowly keep corrupting him every time I brought him back. I thought I could protect him, that’s all I’ve been trying to do.
        But maybe he sunk too far down for me to reach. I will find him. I just have to focus on Mark_18 right now, almost too many people care about him now just to let him slip too.

        Darkness may be where his body lives but not his soul.

        Not anymore.

      • Dec. 30, 2017: THE PERFECT DATE w/ ThE ̸̗͍̮̼͙P̏͂̈́ͦ͂̂E͆̈́ͧͮͣ̍̄Ŕ̓͋F̿̒ͦĒͫ̑ͧCT̓ ͏̪̜̗͔̻̘giRL | Doki Doki – Part 4
        Yes, you are alone. Forever focused on your stupid revenge,
        brothers in madness, how long did it take you to realize you had to tear down our towers for that throne of yours?
        How heavy is the broken crown?
        Has your vanity mirror cracked yet?

      • Dec. 31, 2017: WARNING… THINGS GO VERY VERY WRONG… | Doki Doki Literature Club – Part 5
        Whatever type of darkness that house is, it infected Mark.
        (it infected all of us in a way)
        It drove him to drudge up the past & consume him.
        I had helped him through it once before and thought he had healed from that hurt but he seems to have pushed the repeat button.
        All I can do now is press try again.

      • Jan. 1, 2018: BE WITH ME FOREVER | Doki Doki Literature Club – Part 6 (ENDING)
        Classic Detective and his “film noir” schick, we already know you didn’t die Abe. Jim News did a report on it.
        As for Celine, I’ve never trusted her.
        She left both Mark and Wil with a mess of emotions I had to fix and evidently failed at, twice now ?
        …but she’s also Damien’s sister…I tolerate her at best.

      • Jan. 5, 2018: WHAT’s GOING IN?!
        Mark, get away from the darkness. Now.
        Dark, I swear-I warned you not to mess with Mark’s tour.

      • Jan. 5, 2018: …
        God damn it, what are you planning Dark?

      • Jan. 30, 2018: How To Make Slime
        …I’ll just be updating him promptly, excuse me for a moment.
      • Feb. 9, 2018: World’s 5th Quietest Let’s Play
        Dark isn’t something I can delete completely from Mark_19.exe but he’s not nearly as powerful as the Darkness from the Manor, it’ll be fine.
      • Feb. 10, 2018: Markiplier’s Public Discord
        See? He’s fine, creating the mildest of chaos: Trolls.
      • Feb. 14, 2018: Fall in Love with Markiplier
        Well that’s much milder than last year’s adventure. ? He’s fine! Don’t worry.
      • Apr 1, 2018: THE ?OFFICIAL? MARKIPIER ROCK
        Okay, he may have lost it alittl-oh wait, it’s april fools nevermind! heh ?
      • Apr. 28, 2018: HEY! LOOK AT ME!!
        Hhahhhh…okay, he’s a bit intense, I’ll mellow him out, everything’s fine!
      • May 9, 2018: THINGS COULDN’T BE ANY WORSE
        Sure, I’ll allow this. Only cause you will not believe how stressful this job is,
        I miss the fresh air… ?

      • May 10, 2018: Markiplier’s TOTALLY NORMAL Five Nights at Freddy’s Video
        Today, the role of Markiplier will be played by: @callmekota

        {Was the sun always this warm?}

      • May. 11, 2018: Markiplier’s EXTREMELY TYPICAL Surgeon Simulator Video
        Today, the role of Markiplier will be played by: @crankgameplays

        {Maybe I should check on Chica-NO Vacation time…first time in forever,

        I’m gonna enjoy this!}

      • May. 13, 2018: Markiplier’s STUNNINGLY AVERAGE Try Not to Laugh Challenge
        Today, the role of Markiplier will be played by: @DXArmy

        {I should start meditating, I’ve been kinda paranoid myself…with everything.

        When did it all go wrong again?}

      • May 17, 2018: EXCLUSIVE: LIVE from Markiplier’s Exile
        Alright Mark, I’m all good now. Appreciate the update ? 
      • Aug. 5, 2018: Wilford ‘MOTHERLOVING’ Warfstache
        Why do I even try to relax.? Abe…it hasn’t been years this time bud, it was less than 1…
        and Wil ?
        You did have an afro, I remember that disco scene.
        You’ve already started to change too, I see…again.
        I couldn’t save you from drowning, pal, I’m so sorry.
      • Aug. 20, 2018: go back to sleep…
        More snow…that damned TV…and…Celine?
        Dark, don’t you dare torment me now.

      • Oct 16, 2018: Markiplier Tries: KOREAN BEAUTY PRODUCTS
        You deserve a spa day too Mark, proud of you…you might wanna consider a haircut soon as well, bud. Getting a little crazy there…
      • Dec. 10, 2018: SANTA SPILLS THE TEA

        ?? Oh sure! Put me in charge of tonight’s broadcast last minute because Jim and Jim decide to go on an “Emergency Vacation Investigation” ? 

      • Timestamp replies
        It’s not like I have stuff to do. THIS ISN’T EVEN MY DEPARTMENT.
        This attic is dusty and I hate all of you right now.
        I still have cousin Jim helping me with outreach in New York
        but I have the man in the fat suit tonight, uuugghh.

        0:10 – ? Can we shove him back into the closet already?

        I’ll give him all the eggnog he wants
        0:40 – Yes Santa. There’s a least 7 of your decoys at the local mall.
        It’s basically by proxy.1:52 – FINE he wants coke, I’ll get him some coke, I’ll give Tyler a call.
        Does that mean I can leave now? PLEASE?!
        2:35 – Do Not Mention Dark in my presence right now, you slobbering, red, swollen sack of-
        {deep breaths…2 more minutes then I have to go check on Eric, it’s his first time on air…
        I can get through this.}

        3:40 – …Ego Equality, is what you want?…

        I think that’ll happen once you stop drinking. ?
        3:54 – Look, that was a stupid idea, I don’t know who authorized that,
        it certainly wasn’t me so just – shut it already. God…Eric, you okay? ??
        4:17 – You’ll do great sweetie! Just take your time ?

        4:40 – Give, here-here-throw him the sweatshirt!
        5:00 – ?? Eric, Eric-hun, we have to go to the next segment…take a breather…oh boy

        5:14 – Oooh no, who the frick let Jim film a random dude?

        Randell, I don’t care what your name is-you didnt pay for that sweater, take it off now-you’re not on the payroll-THIS ISNT EVEN MY DEPARTMENT! ? Just-
        Someone get over there and help Jim, and get me whichever Jim isn’t downing schnapps with the candy cane girls on the phone!
        5:57 – Eric, try this! Think about Chica! Keep going, it’s okay ??
        6:17 – No no no, family-friendly Eric. Family friendly network.
        6:45 – ? You did great sweetie yay!
        7:15 – … where’s my phone? I’ll call him myself. Just get the blonde doof off the screen!
        7:30 – Why must you emotionally abuse him like that?
        This is why I don’t like Christmas *sigh* Sweetie, ignore him,
        we’ll talk about that more in therapy, just do the bit please, okay?
        7:50 – Oh god! I wasn’t ready, uhh.. Sorry! ?
        8:05 – Yeah! ???
        8:13 – Of course, as many times as you need hun, don’t stress.
        8:28 – Doc, you promised you weren’t gonna bring that up in a public broadcast…again. ?
        8:53 – OKAY! Moving forward! No worries hun, take your ti-
        Dude! You are the problem here! I’m throwing the merch to him, cause he trusts me more than you, okay? Zip it. No-
        Give me the sweater right now, go stand in the corner, it’s not your turn yet anyway, go! Eric, you ready now?
        9:35 – Yeah it’s great-aw crap that’s the wrong color, it’s not gonna key-ahh whatever we’ll just do another take.
        10:22 – Here-ah my bad! ?
        10:37 – Uhh, I think half of that is trademarked but we’ll do another take, it’s okay!
        10:55 – …I found the King of the Pigeons I guess? Whatever, there’s no service where Jim is apparently and it’s free advertising, just roll with it… ?
        11:44 – Alright Derek, get it there, he’s had enough.
        He needs a break, maybe another towel.
        11:53 – So am I, hun. That’s how we connected. ?
        Why do you think I work in the basement?
        12:06 – It really is, Derek. ?…Well, I’M glad you weren’t on that bus Eric,
        we couldn’t be friends otherwise. ? Let’s try one more time?
        12:30 – No! You ass, he had it- ahh whatever just get some water. Eric, sit by me, we’ll get through this together. ?
        13:24 – Derek…can we just focus on the merch please? ?
        13:32 – I hate you and I hate how you treat sweet Eric. Just thought I’d remind you.
        13:45 – Not yet, I like watching you squirm ?
        Eric, do you want to try this again? I’m right here to support you!
        Ignore him and his stupid shirt, just start whenever you’re ready hun. ?
        14:25 – No! It was fun, I liked it Eric! Aw please don’t cry yet, it’s almost over, we’re halfway done! Go!
        14:56 – ? Don’t insult my heritage, you buttagots…

        15:45 – Did you not hear me say family-friendly?!

        15:55 – No, it is not, I don’t think that bun was done, doc.
        16:05 – Oh my god!
        16:25 – Now every one of his balls are tangled, he’s gonna suffocate, just put him back in there doc please!
        16:42 – God, I leave for one second–Eric, don’t have another breakdown just yet honey. You gotta pull yourself together, I hate this gig too!

        17:27 – Hold on! Derek, why didn’t you unpack the other box, you lazy–catch!
        17:40 – Yeah we got socks, make’em snuggly!
        18:20 – Why do you wear a construction hat anyway?
        It’s too protect your stupidity from spreading isn’t it?

        19:05 – Third times the charm!
        19:25 – and Fun! ?
        19:35 – He’s right, the Fs are a silent night.
        20:00 – Sweetheart, let’s refocus towards the positives, sock puppets are sooo much more fun! I’m saving up to get your prosthetics for Christmas ?

        20:05 – Derek, get in there! I need to give Eric a pep talk.
        21:00 – Why’d you told him he looks stupid?! He does not, it’s the green screen, stupid!
        21:53 – ? 10 minutes hun, then it’s all over.

        22:23 – No no-no, we are not kinky, at least move him to a different part of New York to torment please!
        22:53 – Awww, you’re so cute, stawp it! ?
        23:00 – Crap, uhhhh, take mine! I don’t know where all the boxes went!

        23:15 – Well, damn, I didn’t think my thighs were that upsetting, Eric. ?
        23:35 – Don’t flip him off, you know what that does to his self-esteem!
        Eric, come here. You need a hug, you’ve been through a lot tonight.
        Just switch out already! God.

        23:56 – …. Derek, your impatient & emotionally abusive parenting, or second divorce with Jim is not my problem or the publics for that matter.
        I can’t fix you, I only can help Eric through his anxieties,
        now get out of the recording room.

        24:30 – I know sweetheart, we all have a dream.
        25:22 – That is…a beautiful idea mixed with a sad reality hun, we’ll talk about it more afterword okay?

        25:47 – People aren’t pigeons…Jimmy, you know this right?

        27:00 – ?
        27:12 – Your dad is horrible sweetie.

        27:37 – Sound advice doc, but are you hitting the hallucinogens again?
        28:49 – or you need to vent now, that’s okay too. Do you want a tissue?

        29:05 – Shut your dirty mouth.

        29:21 – What is that? He couldn’t catch a break sporting his goods?

        30:00 – Eric, we’re running out of time here, about 4 minutes left.
        I’ll get you the best therapy pup ever for tomorrow, okay?
        No, don’t cry babe.
        I’m so glad you’re being consistent at least on those end hooks!

        30:32 – Thank god, Jim dump his ass there and get back to the attic now, I finally got Jim on the phone, he needs to talk to you!
        I’m gonna need that sweater back too Randell!
        31:20 – Just go and rule your pigeon folk!
        I’m sure they’re hungry. Buh-bye!
        31:52 – You know, I wouldn’t blame yourself completely sweetie,
        Horses will eat dog food and die too…cry-crying is good Eric, Im proud of you.

        32:18 – I know hun, you told me about her.
        32:52 – ?
        33:08 – Eric, remember – Adoption is an option! There’s always a brighter side!
        33:20 – You have me!

        ? I NEED MY BASEMENT WALL! MOVE. NOW. MOVE. NOW. MOVE. NOW. Move. Now. move. now. Move…
        Eric, come here, I’m gonna give you another hug until you stop crying sweetie.
        No, you are never a bother, don’t worry about that.
        Yes, we are still on to talk with tea tomorrow…tuesday, right. Okay? Okay, Buh-bye. ?

      • Mar. 12, 2019: ERROR
        Haha! Look like your upgrade failed, emo-freak! Try Again.
      • Apr. 30, 2019: I’m so tired…
        What…purgatory…Mark? ?
      • May 12, 2019: DAMIEN
        Huh, two years and just like that… were the memories too jarring for you to keep Dark?
        Haven’t I suffered enough, with you? ?? Always the golden leader, I have to believe you’re still in there, I know you are. I just have to find you.
        I’m grateful to Celine for protecting you from him. But I fixed everything!

        Maybe that’s the reason why he wanted to press rewind…recasting us all in this twisted trilogy of his. But I don’t give up.
      • Sep. 20, 2019: The Drowned Man – Chapter 1
        So…p-purgatory is good for you Mark? …the purple is nice…
      • Sep. 21, 2019: The Drowned Man – Chapter 2
        Alrighty then! See this is what happens when you hang out with Jim for too long… ?
      • Sep. 22, 2019: The Drowned Man – Chapter 3
        DEMONS? Jim, when you told me you were going on a documentary trip with Mark, I didn’t think it was that serious…and it looks to be spreading…should I be worried? ?


      Surprise! There’s more!

      • Do you need some motivation in your life silkily spoken by a handsome, half-korean man who’s not afraid to cry with the floofiest head of hair in the world?! Look no further:


        Buh-Bye friends! ?

        ~ Full Timeline Playlist

        Let me know if you’d like any condensed versions – just the lore, just Darkiplier /or/ just Warfstache.

        Have a great day everybody! ?