A Few Things about Me: Cozy Questions

            1. How do you drink your tea?

Usually as is, I don’t drink a lot of caffeinated teas – except maybe green from time to time. Black teas, like vanilla chai, I’ll add some milk too but no sugar. Herbal teas are my favorite.

            2. Favorite Dessert?

Anything chocolate flavored, in a splendidly bouncy sponge – cakes, cookies, but brownies are my go-to…no, not that kind, what’s wrong with you?

            3. Favorite season and why?

Autumn, completely. I like to think it was some mystical good witch powers (like Kiki) that compelled me to come in September instead of December as planned. I’ve already written a few of my favorite things about the chilly season here. Also Gilmore Girls, the opening is a warm and hazy cuppa that makes me want to bundle up into all my blankets and watch When Harry Met Sally. (It’s raining today and so wonderfully chilly, I bought some apple cider at the store the other day so I’ve got some happy, cozy feels going on…I should really re-watch and review Gilmore Girls soon.)

            4. What cheers you up?

Selfishly, when someone really likes something I created. I had to make an example of melted-crayon art for a friend’s art program, and honestly, there are still a few things I should touch up on it now but seeing how excited she was warming to me and she really loved it. Watching Disney/Gkids movies, new book releases, and hot cocoa. 🙂

            5. Dogs or Cats?

I’ve only ever had dogs with my mom being allergic to cats but kittens are super sweet.
Beary – a border-collie chow mix, I loved his purple tongue. Unfortunately, he passed due to cancer a few years ago. Bear’s was a simple tail, my older brother saw him in the shelter huddled in the back corner with a big pit-bull named Lily who would always take his food so for Christmas, he rescued him and brought him home. They were going to put Bear down soon before my brother found him because of how old he was getting and didn’t interact with many other dogs but we gave him an extra 4 years of happiness…

Now I have Bella! The little runt was actually our first family dog, we bought her from a friend as a puppy, she was the smallest. Sometime later, we thought our nana (dad’s mom) might like the company with pop-pop gone (not recently, a few decades ago) and it’s just her alone in the house most of the time, but she passed suddenly last year. (lots of death in this one, sorry about that!) So we got her back and I love her so much, I have a million pictures haha. She loves to stuff her paw in her mouth when she falls asleep.

            6. What’s your dream holiday?

Never thought much about going somewhere if we’re talking winter holiday, the only place I can think of to visit would be Vermont because they have the best farmer’s markets!

            7. How many kids do you want?

As many as I can adopt! – that also goes for fur kids.

            8. Favorite Weather?

I’m not too nitpicky with the weather but I do know what I don’t like lol.
Spring: The classic 75(f), a nice breeze, little cloudy, I could sit and read all day in a lounge chair kind of day.
Summer: Sunny but not too humid, a good swimming day.
Autumn: Max temp I can withstand is probably 60(f). I adore any kind of rain, with thunderstorms, “the world gets a good washing” is what my dad likes to say and my plants get a nice drink too. (If it’s a gloomy day but not rainy, I’ll often listen to Newt’s Suitcase or Hogwarts Window ASMR) I love any day in this weather, it’s chilly – I can eat some chili and not die of an internal heat stroke – basically the ten season also, you can bundle up with a good cup and watch movies all day, nice and cozy.
Winter: Just no wind, please! If it’s just still and quiet and sparkling white, I can handle it. I have cocoa. Overall, I prefer colder weather I suppose, because you can layer yourself with as many blankets as you want to warm up but when it’s already hot, you can only go so far until you’re just a tiny sweating onion bulb wishing you lived in a freezer forever.

            9. What would your last meal be?

Probably something my mom makes – chicken orzo soup, spaghetti & meatballs – or a traditional Japanese meal, I’ve never had one of those (I’d love to attend a tea ceremony as well!) Finish one of those with a nice piece of chocolate cake and I’m all good.

            10. You can spend 24 hours anywhere, any year, where do you choose?

Well, provided I had a protective charm of some kind to protect me from dying so I can safely return to my own time afterword…I’m caught between 1940s Virginia (blame The Waltons) and the 1970s when Walt Disney World was in its prime and you could potentially meet him in person, I’d tell him of all the amazing stories his studio has crafted after he passed on.

            11. If you were a ghost, who and where would you haunt?

Hmmm…do I want to be a friendly immortal or actually torment someone…? ? Probably both, depending on the person – I’d love to be someone’s imaginary friend!

            12. What is your family ancestry?

The official Ancestry stuff is too expensive, so I don’t have many details to give you and I’ve never really been into genealogy. But based on myself and how many stories my parents have told me I do know that we’re pretty deep-hearted Italians (+ half German). My momma worked at her father’s sub shop when she was younger, she makes THE best hoagie ever! And Italian food is always a comfort to me, I remember on a trip to New Orleans. there was so much spicy food (which I’m not a fan of) that the minute I got home, I ordered spaghetti and meatballs in one of my favorite restaurants and felt like I had come back to life lol. I did try some Cajun food, it just wasn’t for me – but Cafe Du Monde made a sweet morning on my first day. Personally, I feel like, on the way here, parts of my soul got stuck in China and London (just the 2! Don’t worry, I haven’t gone the whole 7 yards yet!) I’ve been in love with Asian culture and London accents since forever. Um…other than that, I’m not totally sure how to answer this question…I was born and raised in the US so tragically, I do not have an accent.

            13. What scares you?

Probably the same thing as everyone else who’s tried to create something, which is not being good enough, because someone has already done it. Just not in your way, I guess. So it’s a constant anxiety thing more than a fear I think. Jump scares…then I hate them for scaring me since they are forever the fart jokes of horror films. Speaking of horror films, I don’t like gore. At all. The logical part of my brain knows it’s ridiculous for that much blood to just spray out of a body freely but nothing can be unseen and I don’t want that stuff imprinted on my subconscious, thank you. Too nasty. And that is why I will never watch Game of Thrones, as much as my heart yearns for high-fantasy fiction. I would rather read them – you can be as descriptive in your writing as you like, but the reader still has the power to gauge their level of imagination with books, a visual medium like TV/films, not so much.

            14. What are you most grateful for?

The usual stuff, I suppose. A home, a job, my family, my IRL friends and internet friends from all over the world.

            15. Dream job?

I already answered this in a tag on twitter but a full-time writer. I don’t care in what capacity – blogger, screenwriter, author – I just love to write, and not to be limited in what I can write about.

            16. Do you believe in aliens?

Sure, just not the Aliens aliens, you know the ones that want to enslave us all to become the master race or harvest us for breeding or whatever. Reading tumblr humans are space orcs headcanons are one of my favorite pastimes.

            17. Favorite sport?

I don’t really have one, not a big sports person myself but my family really is. Both of my brothers play football and rugby. Does chess count? I think that’s an interesting game, my little brother always beats me. I enjoy rollerblading and biking, I did 5 years of ballet, that was a fun time. Now, I just like to read, watch movies, design, photograph, and write, I’m the boring one lol. I’ve been trying to do more yoga though!

            18. How do you relax after a long day?

In my dream life, I would just stay in a smooth bubble bath until my bedtime routine. But I work late most days so all I want to do when I get home is take care of my dog, change into my PJs, and eat a “second” dinner with youtube or a video game as of recent until I go to bed.

            19. If you could meet one historical figure, who would you choose and why?

Broken record here, but Walt Disney. He wasn’t the first person in the world to give a second breath of life to a tree but he was certainly the most influential. I for sure would tell him of how many beautiful dreams he had given to people, old and new.

            20. If you had to be a teacher, what subject would you teach?

I’ve often dreamed of opening my own alt. school since the US school system isn’t that great (to put it mildly) but I would love to instate a school subject called Eco-education – teaching things like the importance of nature, embarking on a zero-waste lifestyle, and how to identify the different plants and animals of the world and what benefits they all bring to us as a fellow species and the earth into balance – kind of like a revised home economics. (do some schools still teach it or is it completely gone?) Anyway, I think at least that would be beneficial as a subject – that and an “emotional intelligence” class, helping these growing humans to understand how to process their emotions and explain them in a healthier way instead of being ignored for the sake of grades.

            21. Describe your perfect day.

Awakening slowly with the sunrise, with my pup snoring snuggly at the end of my bed. (and not barking endlessly to be taken outside immediately upon hearing the slightest noise…) I will start the day with some small ballet stretches before heading downstairs to make some tea, take Bella for a walk, and have breakfast outside with the birds if the weather is nice enough. Maybe write some morning musings to post later in the day, check Twitter and whatever I have on my to do list for the day. Listen to Diana Panton, Ol’ Blue Eyes [I have this big tape set of old radio shows and radio dramas he was on], or one of Sophie Mia’s playlists while I work, take a break to read or watch a movie to review during lunch or play some mobile games, maybe take Bella for an afternoon walk and take some nature photos. Make another cup of tea with a light snack to start some writing or work on some graphics before dinner. During/After dinner, either enjoy some Whose Line clips or catch up on a show I’m watching, then draw a bath to start my bedtime routine. Bedtime routine: put a glass of water by my bed for the morning, brush teeth, change into PJs, and write my to-do list for tomorrow before reading until bed – preferably a quick graphic novel, a non-fiction book, or a sweet children’s book (they always have the loveliest illustrations :))

            22. Describe yourself in a sentence.

I’m a girl with a blog, basically, and a deep love for animated things and nature.

            23. Who makes you laugh the most?

My brothers, definitely. They’re both amazing goofballs. Professional Comedian-wise, Robin Williams, always ? Don Rickles, Jim Carrey, and anyone in the Whose Line cast.

            24. What superpower would you choose?

The ability to create plant life would be awesome, especially if I’m a teacher – say we’re talking about how Lamb’s Ear was very useful in wartimes as bandages absorbing blood and helping it to clot quicker, it can also be used to treat pink eye if you simmer some in water, they can be bruised to extract the juices which can reduce swelling, AND with its soft, fluffy texture, you can use in place of cotton balls…or toilet paper if you want to – and I could just instantly conjure up some from the ground and give one to each of my students to take home with them for the day. ?

            25. Favorite Animal?

I will honestly say all of them. They’re so fascinating! My dad really hates squirrels for example (because they keep chewing through the birdhouses and birdfeeders) but they help plant trees. The mobile games, Splash and Flutter, by Runaway are amazing! You feed and grow different species of marine life, butterflies, and moths, then you’ll eventually discover other friends, like an owl that sends you on quests, a toad and a snail. I want to eventually make that a series on my blog, unlocking a new species and expanding on the facts, a real-life photo, maybe a few book recommendations too. It’ll be so much fun!

            26. Biggest Accomplishment?

Haha, I haven’t accomplished much so the only answer I have is probably finishing all of these questions!

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